Getting paid on the downline. Is this like an MLM? Is this a safe business?

When you have someone on level 1 you can benefit from their personal sales and their level 1 & 2 (which would be your level 2 & 3).

When you have someone on your level 2, you benefit from their personal sales and their team level 1 (which would be your level 3).

When you have someone on your level 3, you only benefit on their personal sales because their team is now your level 4,5,6.

With everyone building strong level 1's the whole team will benefit and naturally grow supporting all 3 levels. You don't need to beef up the 3rd level, it will happen naturally with strong level 1's.

And since everyone has the same chance to build unlimited on their 1st level the potential for a stronger 1, 2 and 3 will be huge!

When I say "benefit from" I don't mean you take anything from your team. The company pays everyone on the same commission plan; 10% one time sales, 5% Q, and possibility of 2% on the downline. The company will pay you with that extra % for training and recruiting a team. That money does not come FROM your team, it's just BASED ON your team's performance.

This means that if you recruit, PLEASE train! If you don't, (we've seen this happen) your whole team disappears after time and that is so sad for those people who wanted to succeed but had no upline support.

Our company is built to support team building and not JUST hands-off recruiting (traditional MLM). MLM recruiting means product is sold from consultant to consultant at outrageous pricing and no customers are involved. Companies and teams survive on recruit purchases only so when 1 person stops purchasing the whole team below is lost as well. And it's hard to keep that up because the product is super expensive.

This is the exact opposite of our company. Consultants are all on the monthly Q grocery program, yes, but at reasonable, competitive pricing. This is the ONLY requirement for commissions. Most of our Q customers are not consultants, they are customers. This requires training and learning to sell our product not only our business. There are nearly 10,000 consultant right now and there are consultants who alone have 100's of Q customers. Company stat: 80% of our product is sold to customers and only 20% to consultants. So training the consultant to support the product not only the one time purchase of the Q is HUGE! This is valuable information.

So you see, this is a safe, honest business plan with extremely simple numbers and compensation. This company allows everyone to have the same potential. People at the top and people just signing up today are on the same plan and can have the same pay all based on your work! 

We support training and recruiting! And we sell PRODUCT along with the business opportunity! This makes our personal sales numbers HUGE! It's not just based on recruits purchasing,  it's based on selling an amazing, super well priced, outrageously superior Product! We are so lucky!

Please contact me to get involved in this business. This can be much more than just a couple of hundred bucks in your pocket a month. It's a real business. We are looking for families to join us, couples, husband and wife teams; this is a family business that can take you where you want to go! 

In only 2.5 years my husband was able to quit his job as a profesor at a university and work the THRIVE Life business with me full time! We easily made 2 x his income then and are now over 3 x at only 3 years in. This is a real business and you can get involved with it for only $199 to start. We think that is an amazingly cheap business start up cost!! 

Contact us TODAY and we'll teach you about this business. And train you on the BEST team in the Company- Thrive Crew!

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