Your favorite local fruit stand is my favorite local fruit stand too!

This is a picture of a fruit stand in Genoa Italy!

I would love to have this food right from the stand but I live here in Northern Utah.

How can I get the same beautiful, delicious, vine-ripened food to me from so far away?

Well Freeze Drying it is the Answer! This can of Freeze Dried pomegranate yogurt hails from Germany. And this beautiful pineapple comes from Chile.

I get the best of Germany's and Chile's fresh local food, right in my home town!

How does Freeze drying work?
We take vine ripened and fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, yogurts etc and we flash freeze them on location in Germany, Chile or all over farms in the United States and then freeze dry them. Freeze drying is a chemical free process that removes moisture without disrupting shape, color texture or nutrition through a process called sublimation.

This means you can have fresh local food from anywhere, right in your home!
Shop local on The Q~ every month.

View a full report of our product origins by emailing me.

We are..
+ Certified gluten free
+ non-gmo
+ no artificial colors or flavors
+ no added sugar in fruit
+ no added salt in beans or vegetables
+ no added hormones in milk or meats
+ no hydrogenated oils in any meats
+ starting to carry a line of organics
+ huge supply of grains, vegetables, meats and fruit

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