Taste of Home Cooking Show in Logan Utah

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at the Taste of Home Cooking show on June 2nd in Logan Utah! We had a wonderful time visiting with you!

Most of you had never heard of Thrive so I'm glad you got to have the experience.

These are the samples that you had at the show. Click on each to see them online.

Vanilla Yogurt
Sweet Corn
Mango Passion Drink

These and many, many more amazing Thrive Products can be purchased online at my consultant shop (look for my name top left) at a super discount off retail.

For an even better discount you can do this:
  1. Host a Party
  2. Start Monthly Shipments called "The Q"
For even better pricing PLUS commission for your own purchases and those of your family and friends you can also:
  • Become a consultant: If you've been thinking about a way to earn a little extra money this summer but also want to be able to stay home with your family, this might be just the right start for you. Along with being able to make commission right away, you have the added benefit of selling a useful, delicious, and helpful product. 
  • Our pricing is competitive with traditional "basement" food storage, but it's not anything like it!
  • We are Thrive LIFE and food company that freeze dries it's product giving it an exceptional shelf life for food storage. BUT it gives you even more than that- saves you money on the food you throw away every day. Saves you time on the food that takes forever to dice, chop, defrost and brown.  And even more money and time on running to the store for all your regular ingredients; everything you need is right at home in your pantry!
We would love to talk to you about this business opportunity! Please feel free to call or email us:
rachel@thrivecrew.com, chad@thrivecrew.com...435 232 8541.

To read more about us, please click this LINK.

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