Thrive LIFE Helping others around The World!

So glad to be part of the ThriveLIFE consultant team that helps to do things like this!

Clean collection of water for school children

“The Guro Primary School management committee, the parents, students, teachers, Self-Reliant Agriculture, and Koins For Kenya wish to extend their sincere thanks to the Thrive Life group and their supporters for the generous donation of this most needed and valuable gift.  The school no longer has to worry about access to clean drinking water or rely on water purifying powders from other humanitarian organization to get clean water. Thank you again for your compassionate support!”
We’d also like to thank all of our consultants and customers who through buying THRIVE and donating have made projects like this possible! Take a look at the pictures they sent us of the finished cistern below!

Donate to Thriving Nations right in your shopping cart during any one of your online orders. 

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