Consultants kits for $199, $289 or $579 plus FREE shipping- October ONLY!

Choose a kit and get free shipping! This month only! That means 'free shipping' ends on Halloween at midnight!

To purchase your kit chalk full of material click HERE and sign up to become a consultant.

Why be a consultant?
It's easy. Work on your schedule. Make a little extra for the holidays!

Do I have to keep inventory?

Is this an MLM?
Not really. It's more direct sales BUT you can earn added commission for building a team. But it's not one of those where it matter if you were in first or not. None of that silliness with Thrive. Everyone is on the same level playing field. Sales volumes come from selling at the most discounted pricing to customers. And consultants also get the most discounted price- only seems fair right? We think so too!

How much do I have to work?
Well, work when you want. Of course, more work equals more pay. But enjoy one HUGE perk to our business-  Residual income.
Our Q customers buy each and every month and you get paid each and every month too. This is compounded from month to month until very quickly you are making commission for very old sales; and that's awesome!

Who will help me get trained?
Chad and I will help you with the help of The Path; the most excellent, comprehensive consultant training program ever. Those consultants who complete training on The Path, statistically, have over 20% higher sales than those who don't take advantage of that training! It has great worksheets, videos, ways to set goals and adjust them. You can even work together with your spouse!

What are the requirements to earn commission?
There are no sales requirements. The only requirement is to be a Q customer yourself. Remember it is the most discounted price and it matches what we give our customers. So you can imagine how great we are at selling the Q since we're on it too and for the same price as customers! They appreciate that. Your Q order must be set at $50 of product/month. That is $50 of groceries delivered to your door. Of course you can order more. But just order as a customer on your consultant office and get commission for your additional orders. Plus free products because you are your first customer and your own hostess as many times as you want to be!

Tell me more about you and Chad!
Well, so glad you asked. Click on this link to learn more about us. It's our training blog!

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