Is Freeze Dried nutritious?

Consider the savings in
* not running to the store for all your ingredients; they are already in your HomeStore.
* eating fresh quality food but with a substantially longer shelf life than store bought.
* eating healthier every day since Thrive is non-gmo, msg free, and actually vine-ripened!
* contains all it's same nutrients, color, taste, and texture. View the label from any of our foods right on our website.

View this article about the time and money savings that frozen food can give you. Now combine theses benefits with those of THRIVE.
- not needing to keep Thrive in your fridge
- saving money on the food you throw away the most; no freezer burn on Thrive
-less trips to the store
-less packaging waste with THRIVE

Making food at home always saves you money, time and helps you eat healthier too. So why not make it easier with THRIVE on hand every day.
Article by ABCNews.go about the health benefits of frozen.

View this awesome Video about Fresh vs Frozen Food

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