Ground Beef and Zucchini Bake made by THRIVE

Have I mentioned how much I love THRIVE?
Well I do! It's because it's so easy to make dinner in a flash. And unlike most "fast" dinners, these are healthier, quicker and MY own RECIPE! Nice isn't it?

Here is a favorite of ours that I've Thrive-a-lized!
*You can add more or add less of any of these ingredients depending on your preference.
My kids aren't fans of tomatoes, so I had a little less than called for.
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If you have a recipe and you are concerned you won't get the freeze dried measurements right, don't worry.

Here is a mini chart my friend Misty made (Link to Misty's blog). Her list was made to create some soup recipe from Thrive-It-Up cooking Show.

Most of the time you just add whatever the recipes calls for right out of the can. But sometimes you need to know a few conversion helps.

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