How much money can THRIVE save me a year?

Have a look and see what you could get for $200 via THRIVE.
Could you get this same amount of food for this price from your grocery store?

How is this possible? 
Thrive food, aside from being non-gmo, preservative free and full-ripened, is also very comparable in cost to store bought food. You can also buy THRIVE in bulk in our gallon sized can (#10), packages of 6, or in our buckets. This will bring down your price even more. The added specials that Thrive gives to it's regularly purchasing customers (Q club) is anywhere from $40-$55/month.

What other benefits are there to buying Thrive Freeze dried?
"According to a report last August by the National Resources Defense Council, the average American tosses about 25 percent of food and beverages purchased. For a family of four, the money wasted could total from $1,365 to $2,275. Food spending as a percentage of the overall budget has decreased dramatically over the last few decades, but it’s still the third-largest expense for a household."  Source:

 How often do you throw away celery? Switch it out for freeze dried Thrive celery that is already, washed and diced and save that money instead! 

The gallon sized can is $25.79 and contains 44, 1/4 cups of celery. 
$25.79 per gallon. 44, 1/4 cups of celery with 1 year of shelf life versus 1 week.

What about the savings from skipping the extra trip or 2 to the store this week?
If you add more trips to the store/per week than you planned,  you might be spending as much a $728.00 a year on gas according to the University of Maine.

This number doesn't even include what you spent on that extra 1 or 2 shopping trips. It could be an average of $100 more per trip and $200 if you go twice! (You know you do this!)
Add the cost of the extra trips but the added purchases plus the amount of food you throw away each week because it goes bad,  (Statistic say this is 25% of your budget and easy $150/month), and you can count on Huge savings just using THRIVE!

2 Extra Trips to the Store: $728.00/year
Extra 2 Trips purchases: $100/week x 52/weeks = $5,200
Throwing away 25% of store bought food: $150/month x 12 = $2,275

TOTAL: $8,203 minimum

SAVE it! Thrive can help you do that!

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