Looking for Black Friday Hosts!

Do you know 10 people who would JUMP on a THRIVE "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" sale?

If so, then become a host during the sale! 

What does that mean?
It means that all sales that come in because you shared my Black Friday link will be awarded to you in Host Benefits which is free and half off product.

What do I have to do?
A few days before the sale, I will email you a flier and link to the sale through my consultant site. My name and picture will show up on this link so you and your customers know you got to the right place. Send the flier and link around and all sales from your family and friends will be awarded to you in FREE and 50% off product. 
Chad and Rachel Mano

How will you know which orders are from my friends and family?
I will create an online e-vite for you where you can enter the name and email addresses of anyone you plan to send the info to. I'll match your list with sales that come over that weekend. After the sale I'll tell you your totals.

How much host benefits can I get?
It is unlimited really. Thrive Life host benefits are: 10% of any order comes BACK to you in FREE product. You can also earn half off product.

Consider this scenario and look at our Host Benefit chart below. 

You invite 10 people with the link
All 10 people purchase $100 worth of product. That is $1000 in sales.
(this total will include your own personal purchases)

You earn $100 in FREE Thrive. Choose anything we carry.

You also earn a 50% off coupon on any additional order up to $150. 

And if any of those 10 people know 10 people they would share the link with they can do this during the sale too and you get a booking reward of 50% off additional order up to $100. 

What kind of things will be on sale and what kind of discount can I expect?
This is an example of a sale we had in the past. Tons of product for 50% off including emergency supplies, large food packages and even our amazing shelving. More discounts on the website. You would just forward this to family and friends with my link attached and you're done!

SAMPLE- 2012 Sales Flier

SAMPLE- 2012 Sales Flier
What if I became a consultant before the sale?
If you'd like to get all these host benefits plus commissions, that is a super idea! To be a consultant you need to purchase a kit this month! Once you are signed on, you can set up a consultant website link and forward the sale on to family and friends. Earn the host benefits and the commissions for yourself if you'd like. And after the sale, you can continue on offering great discounts to your customers, family and friends every month. Contact me for further details. 

HOW To enter your Guests for your ONLINE party!

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