How can I save from $40 to over $55/month on my THRIVE order?

The savings on the monthly specials are really big. What the company does is takes the deepest discounted "party price" and drops it even more to create monthly specials on about 15 amazing items. 

These items include food, shelving and emergency supplies.

The Thrive food items are always the ingredients for Thrive -it -up that month. Where you can watch our CHEF cook with all these ingredients. 
View all past cooking segments at same link. 

View this breakdown to see the savings on being a Q customer simply by using the monthly specials. On average the monthly specials are a total savings of $40-$55 off! 

Other savings and promotions for being part of Q
1) always deepest discount
2) start a Q and 30% of it goes toward FREE and half off product when you host your own party
3) never shop the sales. They are AUTOMATIC in your Q.
4) Early notice of exclusive, seasonal or promotional items

Other Savings and Promotions for being part of the Q CLUB
1) All the savings from the regular Q

2) A Q Club "Q-Pon" each month that is reduced FAR more than any other product each month. On average the savings off of the already super discounted "party price" is another $2-$5 off!! This coupon comes with an exclusive recipe. You'll find it in an email each month. Your Q customers get this email too. 

3) Annual Gift. This year it was a fleece sleeping bag.

4) 3% back rewards program through Q club points. 
Each $ you spend is 1 point. Earn 500 points and get $15 off any purchase online. 
Just drop the coupon code into your shopping cart by clicking on it in your "MyAccount" section online. This means that every 3 to 4 months (for most customers) they get a $15 off coupon for FREE product. AWESOME!

5) Get the Q club for free by committing to making your first 3 deliveries be at least $100 in Thrive groceries. This is the MOST common way our customers shop.  

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