Some of our FAVORITE March Madness Specials!

Last day is Tuesday the 25th of March, 2014!

Case of Cornmeal $27.29 
Case Instant White Rice $55.19 
Case Quick Oats $34.69 
Case Brown Sugar $57.49 
Case White Sugar $59.69 
Case Fudge Brownies $79.69 
Case Macaroon Cookies $105.89 
Non GMO Garden Seeds $38.29 each 
Case Potato Beads (mashed potatoes) $74.59 
Case Split Green Peas $54.59 
Sweet Potatoes $19.79 each 
Zucchini $14.49 each 
Case Peaches $141.29 
Case Mangoes $124.19 
Case FD Pineapple $158.89 
Case Raspberries $142.39 
Case FD Grapes $187.99 
Case Sliced Strawberries $138.39 
Case Instant (not like powdered) Milk $124.19 
Case Passionfruit Yogurt Bites $189.09 
Case FD Cheddar Cheese $224.49 
Case FD Hamburger $182.89 
Case FD Sausage (*our favorite) $227.89

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